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PULL UP A SEAT provides vendors the ultimate marketplace to operate and do business on. We provide our vendors with all the tools needed to be successful!


In order to become a vendor on our marketplace, you must have membership. Check out some of our plans to see what fits you. Remember this is a gig-economy based marketplace, so you never have to worry about signing contracts or working around the clock!

Basic Plan

$ 25
/ Per month

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**Membership on the marketplace is monthly. Cancel anytime.

Premiere Plan

$ 75
/ Per month

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*Membership on the marketplace is monthly. Cancel anytime.

Elite Plan

$ 50
/ Per month

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**Membership on the marketplace is monthly. Cancel anytime.


How does a pre-order marketplace work?

We’re currently working under a pre-order phase due to working with independent vendors of all sizes. This allows vendors time to prepare and work on orders on their own time. You can decide with your product or menu when items will be available (within 24 hours, 48 hours, or certain days of the week.)

This is a gig-based economy marketplace. What does that mean?

It means that you can work on your own schedule. You decide what orders you would like to fulfill. There are no contracts, so you can always shut down your store at any time.

How do you verify vendors?

Vendors on our marketplace are already established and licensed in their city to work.  There is a seller verification for all vendors on the marketplace that verifies their credentials, facilities, and more on each vendors profile.

What are the fees of the marketplace?

We allow our vendors to make full profit for whatever they sell on the marketplace. We’re the friendliest platform for independent catering services, food trucks, cottage food operations and more to operate on. As part of your monthly membership, you can expect to always make back what you put in.

Do Customers Have To Pay Join?

The marketplace is free for customers. However, we do require a monthly membership for vendors due to all the great tools that we provide as a marketplace. 

How Do I Get Paid? How often Do I Get Paid?

All vendors are paid out via PayPal, and all vendors are able to be paid out instantly when an order is placed. You do not have to worry about money waiting in escrow or having to work a certain amount of orders in order to be paid out. Your work = Your money.

Some Happy Members

“PULL UP A SEAT is an amazing place for me and my lifestyle. I’m always looking for new meal prep planners to try, and I’ve found all my favorite vendors through this marketplace!”

Johanan Herson
Customer, Florida
“It’s a great way to connect with cool businesses in my city that I otherwise would have never known about. It’s awesome that I can find amazing food, and sometimes at a great bargain!”

Louis Motorrad
Customer, Texas

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