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Custom Hello Kitty Cupcakes


  1. Custom Name with toppers
  2. your choice of cake flavor


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Adult Strawberries


Cumful adult strawberries

lips can be any color and berries can be dipped any color

comes in dozen and a half


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MR. Dreamy love cake


Half sheet

Any skin tone

Any cake flavor

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Strawberry shortcake Jars


Strawberry short cake jars

half pints $5 a jar

perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your special some one

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Valentine’s Day Love Boxes


Small boxes 3 berries $5 large boxes 5 berries $10 3 small stuffed berries $7 5 large stuffed berries $12

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Boob cake


Any cake flavor fondant wrap neck, tattoo, piercings, and hair can be added

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Dick sticks


$4 each a dick stick $6 each a cake pop penis pop bulk pop can be arranged in bulk price

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Mini flower cake


8in cake

any cake flavor with filling

feed 8-10 people

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Valentine’s Day Giant love box


14 dipped berries 1 stella rose bottle of your choice 1 card

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Casino theme cupcake


Casino theme cupcakes

qty of 4,6,12,24


message for prices listing price is for 24 cupcakes

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Mickey Mouse cake


Mickey Mouse theme 2 teir cake cake flavor of your choice feeds bout 15-20

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Strawberry cupcake


1.25 each  $4 for 4 $15 for 12 $30 for 24

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Dipped apples


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Drunken apples


$10 an apple 🍏

Hennessy, Amsterdam , ciroc, crown royal apples are stuffed with yummy fruit cream and the mini bottle is tipped over on top with cute bag with bow bulk is available

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Emoji cookies


12 emoji cookies for $40 bulk can be arranged

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sprinkle cake


Basic 8in sprinkle cake feeds 8-10 people

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Chocolate shoes


$8 a shoe with waffer balls or strawberries with design   custom designs available   bulk available

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What’s better than 24 cake


  • Mini edible image  spongebob cake
any cake flavor available bigger sizes available feeds out 8-10 people

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Hennessy adult cake


Any cake flavor feeds 20-25 people

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Strawberry Hennessy cake


Hennessy cake pint size bottle with strawberries around chocolate drizzled feed 20-25

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Customized Cake


Customized cake for any occasion.
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Test Product


Test Product
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6 cupcakes vday


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Empanadas, Meat, vegetarian, and vegan. several flavors 50 ct.


Delicious empanadas! With various fillings!

Delicious empanadas!
Who doesn't love a good hand pie? My empanadas are simply the best you can get in San Diego. A flaky buttery traditional empanada dough, wrapped around a variety of delicious chef crafted fillings.  Having these little delicacies available makes having a good meal easy and quick. And are sure to excite your guests. Bring a a delicious cultural experience home! My empanadas are more delicious then any hot pocket, and will make anyone enjoying them feel like they're eating something made especially for them with love. I have a variety of flavors available, but feel free to contact me for any customizations. Every batch of empanadas, comes with a chef recomended sauce! Filling Options Meat
  • Traditional Beef, and potato. W/ traditional Fresh chopped chimichurri
  • Traditional pork and dried fruit W/ traditional fresh chopped chimichurri
  • Spicy pork. W/ mango sauce
  • Tender braised beef and mushroom. W/ Shallot puree
  • Butternut squash, bacon maple syrup, and sage. W/ creamy cheese sauce
  •  Mozzarella pepperoni. W/ marinera sauce
Vegetarian (vegan option)
  • Lentil, and vegetable. W/ traditional Chopped chimichurri
  • Soyrizo mushroom in a white wine reduction W/ Traditional Chopped chimichurri
  • Jalapeño cheese. W/ Traditional Chopped ChimiChurri
  • Butternut mushroom sage W/ nutmeg bechamel
  • spinach portobello. W/ arugula pesto
Please select only one option.
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The Real Meat Pot Pies (vegan available)


Savory pies, various fillings, feeds 6-8 people

Available here and no where else really, after extensive research trying to find a REAL pot pie in our city. That's real as in it has a crust on top, and on the bottom. Accept no malarky folks. Hand made old country style meat pies, Stuffed full of braised, chicken. beef, or my vegan cauliflower potato mix. Flaky buttery traditional pie crust, tender meat filling and delicious sauce. Everyone at your table will be amazed when you set down, a beautiful rustic meat, or vegan or vegetarian pie. Each pie, is heavy thick and hearty, and can feed 6-8 people! Your pie arrives frozen so you can enjoy it fresh after 30 minutes in a 400 degree oven!   Mary's free range traditional chicken pie: Hormone, antibiotic, and GMO free chicken braised in béchamel sauce, with mire poix, peas, and potato. Brandt premium braised beef, mushroom, pie: Hormone, antibiotic, GMO free beef, in a red wine mushroom sauce, with carrots. Organic Roasted Cauliflower Pie: Roasted cauliflower in béchamel sauce, with Mire Poix, Peas, and potatoes. (vegan available)  
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