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marketplace exposure

We're working with 2,100 vendors who operate in the food and catering space. If you're a brand that wants to be seen by a very direct and curated audience, then we are your perfect place.

follow client reports

When you advertise on PULL UP A SEAT we provide you the tools to track engagement and exposure with us working on your side.

social media exposure

We have over 15,000 followers on our Instagram profiles that guarantees you to be seen by thousands of individuals PER DAY.


We're the perfect marketplace for a business looking to expose themselves to 18-54 year old audience with an interest in food. We have individuals who are looking for food, creating food, and always on the lookout for enhancements in their food business. With a marketplace of 18-54, we have a wide array of eyeballs on our marketplace each day checking out the next best thing.

Choose the perfect plan

We believe that in order for you to see the best results it’s best to work with us on a long term basis. We have advertising campaigns for your company or product available on a weekly to per month basis.u00a0


2 week campaign

  • 2 Instagram Social Media Post
  • Featured Results Advertising Banner on marketplace
  • 2 Dedicated E-Mails To Marketplace base
  • 1 Blog Post Writeup On Product/ Company


3 week campaign

  • 3 Instagram Social Media Post
  • Featured Results Advertising Banner on marketplace
  • Front page advertising banner on marketplace
  • 3 Dedicated E-Mails to marketplace base.


Per month

  • 4 Instagram Social Media Posts
  • Featured Results Advertising Banner
  • 4 Dedicated E-mails to marketplace base.
  • Lifetime Support
  • 2 Blog Post Writeup on Product/ Company
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