Our one mission is to enable homechefs from around the world to be able to enter the digital marketplace in a much easier way.

Homechef Features

Stylish Storefronts

Every storefront looks professional with location and rating, perfect for branding your business. We allow you to customize your webshop to reflect your own personality with your products easily accessible for customers.

Delivery Availability

We allow you to have access to delivery for your products. We have partnerships with UBEREATS* in certain markets and other 3rd party delivery systems

Social Media Promotion / Advertising

You can promote your webshop and listings on the platform, or take things a step further and utilize us to advertise you on Facebook and Instagram to those in your city! We always promote you in our weekly newsletter to the marketplace, but we also give you the extra added attention whenever you need most when creating your listings.

Custom Webshop URL

No need for you to spend hundreds of dollars setting up a website and registering a domain! As a vendor, we give you a custom webshop URL for customers and members to easily find you on the marketplace. You can share your URL out via social media and more with this easy solution!

Vendor Dashboard

Participate in our social community and get to know the people behind your favorite home dishes. Utilize our forums and groups to share your own home dishes, events, and your passion for cooking!

Product, Customer, and Vendor Reviews

The way our marketplace works is that we rely on reviews. Customers can review vendors, and vendors can review customers. We also allow customers to review your dishe, so that it can improve your sales and also build a trust factor into our marketplace.

Foodie Features

Social Community

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Ability To Purchase Listings

You can only purchase listings on the marketplace if you have an account on the marketplace.

Customer Profile

We allow you to customize your profile to fit your personality. Show off your fun, goofy side with the 100+ color options and banner options.


This marketplace is based off of reviews. Review vendors and their products and check on what others have to say about their cooking too!

"When we were designing PULL UP A SEAT, we wanted to create a beautiful user interface for the marketplace and community. Our first priority was being able to create an experience for both the vendors and customers where they felt comfortable and couldn't wait to keep coming back."
Felix Doughry
UX Designer

"...They've FINALLY created the Uber of Homecooking"

Black Enterprise