We'd love to meet you and find a way to work together!

Partnerships & community

PULL UP A SEAT is more than a marketplace. We’re a community. We’re always happy to extend opportunities for others to get involved with us.u00a0

Collab With Us

Do you think that there is a possibility of a cool collab between our company and yours? Reach out and let us know what you’re thinkin’.

Affiliate Program

Want to spread the word about PULL UP A SEAT? Make some money while doing it by joining our affiliate program.


Interested in advertising on the PULL UP A SEAT platform to our ever-growing customers and vendors?

Social Influencers

Are you a social influencer and want to work with the PULL UP A SEAT brand? Shoot us an e-mail and let’s see what we can come up with.

Farmers Markets + Events

Are you looking to add your farmers market to the marketplace? Are you a vendor hoping your local farmers market can be seen by more people? How about an event coming up soon that you would like people to know about that is food related? Reach out to us!

Publication Connection

Are you part of the media? Are you running a blog? Your own magazine? You would like to reach out to PULL UP A SEAT, then definitely reach out to us.

Location is everything

We’re a growing marketplace, however, we love to make it known that our marketplace works everywhere. We depend on our community to help us grow and inform of us new and exciting things going on in their community. We’re always looking to spread as much information around as possible about any food related ventures, events, businesses, and more.u00a0

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