PULL UP A SEAT is the only marketplace created for independent food providers.

PULL UP A SEAT was created with small food business owners in mind. This is the perfect platform for cottage food operations, catering services,  food trucks, farmers market vendors, and more. We’re here to give your already loyal customers and potentially new ones the ultimate platform to connect with local independent food vendors near you. This is the best place to find your favorite farmer’s market vendor, potential new catering service, or pick up the best vegan hot dog that your city has to offer! Just like they always say;  It’s the ones you’ve never heard of that usually have the best food in town!


We provide you with all the tools you’ll need to be successful. We understand the most important tool of them all is visibility. We’ve seen thousands of “small business” operate from social media pages like Instagram and Facebook, and finally, a platform for you has arrived. We’re the perfect place for indy food vendors to do business on. Check out what some of our own vendors have to say about us!

Food Delivery Access

Usually, these indie food providers are too small to be on platforms like UBER EATS, GRUBHUB, but they still yearn to be seen by those in their city, but are not always allowed on their platform. We allow you to offer your customers delivery of any and all products on our marketplace. As a vendor, delivery is apart of your membership, so you never have to worry about adding that as a cost to business!

You Own Webstore

We provide each vendor with their own webstore and custom website URL. You can customize your webshop to represent your brand, and host all your products with our state of the art product management software. Easily manage orders, keep customers up to date on the progress of their order, and even give out refunds!

Monthly Social Media Advertising

Our marketplace works EVERYWHERE! In order for our vendors to see an increase in growth and sales, we provide each vendor with a monthly advertising credit via social media. These AD's are ran directly to this vendor's city to ensure exposure and growth for each vendor, no matter where they are.

Order Management Software

Webstores come equipped with the ultimate order management software. You can easily browse your products, orders, and more right from your dashboard.

Gig Economy Marketplace. No Contracts.

We understand that vendors love to have options. Never feel that you are tied down to the marketplace. There are no contracts. This is a gig-economy based marketplace that allows you to work on your own schedule.

Work On Your Own Schedule

You can accept and deny as many orders as you'd like. Our marketplace is on pre-order, so you never have to worry about having orders ready same day. You can choose to accept or deny orders, and let the customers know within a specific timeframe when orders will be ready!

Your Own Support Desk

Handle questions, comments, and concerns from your customers or potential leads with your own support desk. Easily manage tickets with a beautiful user interface and easy to use system.

Easy Payout

You never have to wait to be paid. Vendors are paid out immediately to their Paypal account when an order is placed.

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